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  MarBu is made up of a team of 2óMaria (the Mar) & Butch (the Bu). We have been lamp working since 2004. It started out with a beginning Lampwork kit and has evolved from there. We took our first class at the Cincinnati Art Academy. Since then we have taken classes from different lamp workers like Kristen Franz Orr, Jim Smircich, Kim Fields, Dan Grumbling, Jen Geldard, Laurie Copeland & Will Menzie.
The main thing is that we have fun with this hobby. Since we both have Ďreal jobsí, we have to find time to fit lampworking into our daily schedules. That isnít always easy. We make a lot of beads but we also like to make small sculptures, pendants and marbles. We started making jewelry because there were beads all over the house and we had to find something to do with them! (BTW-there are still beads all over the house, but that probably wonít change any time soon.)

  We work with both soft glass (Moretti) and hard glass (boro). Each type of glass has itís unique characteristics.



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